Consider ‘We’re Gonna Die’ a joyous one-woman cabaret

Wei Chen, Houston Chronicle

However, songs are just lyrics on a page and chords to follow unless there is a talent to set them alight and here is where Villines really shines, for she’s not simply the star of the show, she’s the musical director and arranger as well. An important role as there’s no particular musical style or arrangement dictated for We’re Gonna Die, so Villines is left to take this leeway and make the music her own.

Jessica Goldman, Houston Press

Together, this cast also operates as part of the sound design of the play…It’s so darn smart and effective that we almost lose the dialogue of the play marveling and the invention. Kudos to Soundscape Designer, Alli Villines for showing us that low tech can have big impact.

Jessica Goldman, Houston Press

I tell you fellow theater-philes, I praise both Lee, Little and each actors’ sincere performance when I reveal I’m still uncertain if I should label Church the darkest of absurdist dramas, the funniest play I’ve seen this summer or both.

Tarra Gaines, Arts & Culture Texas

Newcomer Alli Villines had me at ‘25’.

Cris Edwards, C-Ville

…Alli Villines round out the comedic ensemble with Villines providing some fun comedic moments in act one as well as some nice musical ones in the second act.

Gil Benbrook, Talkin’ Broadway