Teaching Philosophy

I believe no matter what style you sing, you have one voice that must last you until you expire. I teach healthy technique and coach style from there. Whether you want to start with classical, nail the musical theatre audition, know how to hold the mic and wail in a rock concert, or stand in front of people with confidence at karaoke on Wednesday, I can help you achieve your vocal goals. Without doing damage to your voice. You are the instrument and singing is so very personal. It’s always my goal and hope that no matter the work, my students find joy in singing. I have knowledge of the vocal mechanism and can often ferret out problems. Also, need the right song? I LOVE finding repertoire!

The thing people need to realize is about Alli Villines is that she can teach any genre of music. I am known for being a power belter and a gospel singer and the techniques that Alli has given to me have improved my voice 100 hundred fold. She has shown me how to control my instrument and how to protect it. She has supported me through my television and stage performances and she has shown me how song selection and key selection are vital. Over 80 million people around the world have watched me sing and I know that wouldn’t have happened if not for Alli Villines. 

Alli’s helped me choose awesome rep for auditions and given me a real confidence in my instrument. She has a good understanding of different genres of music and has helped me explore these styles in my voice – a legit broadway sound, pop, contemporary mix/belt- just to name a few. Most importantly she emphasizes good technique and being the best unique YOU as a singer. I feel like what I’m getting In my lessons will keep me singing healthy for the long run and help me truly own my voice. Alli is down to earth- her kindness and honesty makes her a great coach. She explains things so you can clearly understand what is happening in your body and recreate it. I leave lessons with good tools, clarity, and that confidence you need as a performer. I look forward to more lessons with her!

Alli is the most effective vocal coach I have ever had the pleasure to work with. It’s clear that she has an extensive background in musical education and pedagogy, but it’s her personal approach to our lessons that ultimately propels my progress. Alli is astounding at cultivating an atmosphere in which I am comfortable and eager to push myself, and every single lesson is tailor-made for me and my progress that day. She is always cognizant of my goals as a professional working actor, and she has a remarkable passion and proficiency in curating audition materials that align with both my skill set and my personality. And at it’s core, her lessons gracefully remind me that there is joy to singing. I look forward to every lesson with her.

Alli Villines is the perfect teacher for someone who isn’t confident in their voice. She showed me that I can approach any audition with enough practice and I’ll hit every note every time.
– Jayden Key, Vocal Student

I have been taking ukulele lessons from Alli for over 3 years. Alli is kind, knowledgeable and talented. She challenges me with new techniques and musical concepts and patiently supports me as I learn them. I have come much further with my uke playing than I ever thought I would when I bought my first one. I look forward to my lessons with Alli each week because I know I will feel better about my musical abilities after spending time with her.
– Jennifer Lenardic, ukulele student